"These are the ways not to dream of Persephone..."

Six Pennies of Pomegranate is an exploration of the Greek mythological tradition, focusing on themes of feminine transformation and stigmatized monstrosity. This chapbook, published through Dancing Girl Press, embraces the characters of Persephone, Charybdis, Medusa, and more, celebrating the perseverence that often manifests itself, as in artistic relief, against the backdrop of personal and systematic suffering.  

It is the arms of something inevitable and soft and hungry. It is like collapsing into the earth, and into a mother and child, and into the raging mouth of the sea beast. Where is the ghost? you say. Right here, he says, and turns his eyes into rain, and holds you so tightly that you should bruise. You don’t but he leaves first, and you think perhaps he left the bruise in the bathtub, waiting for your cold return.

-from the digestion of seeds

Her sister makes words of raw mist and roar,
but is it the way the night slices itself in half
that terrifies her, the way that something can become something else,
the transformative horror of today to tomorrow,
or the way it stays the same?

-from between

Pictured is Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Proserpina.

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